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Small guild

Aurin the Masterful, Jan 11, 12 6:06 AM.
Woot its here smallguild bonus! :)

Raid Day

Ushurak77, Dec 18, 11 6:54 PM.
Looking forward to seeing everyone in the morning (most everyone else's afternoon) for Raid Day. Been leveling Weetawted like a madman this past week so it will be a nice change of pace to do some raid/epic grinding on Rattletrap and Deadbot.

Dark days...

Katt-Argo, Dec 10, 11 11:03 AM.
Feel like I was just sucker-punched....

Thank You

Ushurak77, Nov 30, 11 5:06 AM.
Hey guys, 

This is Rattletrap/Deadbot. 
Just wanted to state for the record how awesome Bedlam Assylum is and thanks for the help and advice for my toons.
I find it funny how there is such a stark contrast between a guild and an uber, above and beyond guild.
We won't talk about bad guilds.
But, a guild is a body of players that get online under a similar tagline over their heads and play the same game.
An uber, above and beyond guild works together and helps each other and has fun doing it.
I was actually scolded for not asking for help by two of the officers.
I was actually made to feel bad for not taking advantage of the guild...that is AWESOME!
Thank you BA and also thank you to all those in the decision to allow me to join. 

Posting errors

Katt-Argo, Sep 21, 11 10:59 PM.
Well, trying this, since for some reason the forum posts keep bugging out and telling me my posts can't be saved because they contain no text! Working on the issue, hopefully it'll let me post again soon.
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